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To improve the service quality of the Director General’s Public Opinion Mailbox, the system will automatically send a confirmation email to your mailbox after you send in your letter. Please proceed with mail confirmation after receiving the reply email. Thank you again for sharing your views with us.

1. Processing principles:

1. This bureau respects any petitions and recommendations received through this platform. According to Article 173 of the Administrative Procedure Law, the public’s petition shall not be processed if they include the following conditions: The mail has no content, the true name of the sender is not provided, or the address is not provided.
(1) Re-petition of issues that have been properly handled, with clear answers given.
(2) Agencies that do not have authority over the petition content shall transfer the petition to other agencies upon receiving the content.
Agencies that do not have authority over the petition content shall transfer the petition to other agencies upon receiving the content.

2. This bureau shall not provide an opinion or reply to mail when the mail received by this platform contains the following contents:
(1) Content that is based on emotions, that is provocative, that does not have any truthful basis, that involves a personal attack, that is defamatory or abusive, that is vulgar or indecent, that exposes personal information, or that contains insinuations.
(2) Mail that contains re-postings of other people’s articles, URLs or blog links, or re-postings of unverified reports.
To prevent unreasonable situations from occurring and improve the service quality of the Tourism Bureau, this bureau will transfer petitions received on this platform to relevant departments to make improvements.

3. The personal information you fill out in the bureau’s Director General’s Public Opinion Mailbox shall be used only for processing petition issues and not for any other purpose.
(1) Because administrative agencies have legal responsibilities and professional division of labor, when this mailbox receives email concerning issues not within the scope of responsibility of this bureau, the email will be forwarded to relevant competent government authorities for reply. Thus, your basic personal information (such as name, contact phone number, mailing address, and email address) will be transferred along with your email to the competent authorities.
(2) If the content or people’s identities within the email require confidentiality, or if there is security risk concerns regarding email delivery, you can write a letter by hand, put a “Confidential” notice on the letter, and mail your letter to this bureau.

2. Email writing steps:

  • Step 1

    Fill in the email content and contact information.
  • Step 2

    The system will send out a confirmation letter.
  • Step 3

    Please click the confirmation link in the confirmation letter within seven days of receiving the confirmation letter.
  • Step 4

    Confirmation complete
  • Step 5

    The problem you have reported is being dealt with.
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